A Brief History.

During the years 1923-1925, the Pacific Coast Borax Company constructed a company town consisting of a U-shaped complex of Spanish Colonial style buildings of adobe to house the company offices, store, dormitory, a twenty three room hotel, dining room, lobby, and employees' headquarters. A recreation hall was built at the northeast end of the complex and was used as a community center for dances, church services, movies, funerals, and town meetings. At the time it was known as Corkhill Hall. The architect who designed the town was Alexander Hamilton McCulloch.

In the years since her arrival in Death Valley Junction, in the spring of 1967, Marta has painted murals throughout the hotel. An alcove at the entrance to the main hallway depicts a gazebo, naturally lighted by a skylight. A guitar rests upon a chair, silently waiting for a guitarist. Murals of a 16th century Spanish Garden adorn the walls of the Dining Room.

Several of the guest rooms have murals painted on the walls where cherubs and peacocks and angels frolic. In room 22, a ballerina dances on a ball, and clowns and acrobats perform as a special dedication to RED SKELTON, who was a guest in this room on four occasions.


The Hotel offers comfortable rooms that have been painted by Marta.

Room 9

Room 11

Room 15

Room 22

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